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School Introduction

¡¡¡¡School of computer science and communication engineering is one of the earlier independent setting professional school in domestic computer science , which provide the ph.d program of the computer application. There are six master's degrees: master's degree in computer science(including the computer software and theory, the comptuer system structure, the computer application technology ),communication and information system, pattern recognition and intelligent system, electromagnetic field and microwave technology, and four engineering master's degrees programs: computer technology, electronic and communication project, software engineering, the agricultural informatization.

¡¡¡¡The institute comprises seven undergraduate professions which are described as computer science and technology, software engineering, network engineering,communication engineering, information security, software engineering(embedded software talents training direction),and the internet of things.The computer science and technology and communication engineering are characteristic majors of Jiangsu province.

¡¡¡¡Currently there are 366 graduate students in school (excluding Master of Engineering) and 1458 undergraduate students.The school exists staff of 147, including 6 Ph.D, 21 professor, associate professor 32, 4 people of provincial and ministerial level trans-century academic leaders. There are 8 domestic and in foreign famous experts hired as part-time professor at University. The school has 7 departments, 2 experimental centers and computer application research institute, ultra-wideband technology research institute, software development and application research institute and other teaching and scientific research institutions. The professional experimental center of the institute is the experimental demonstration center of the JiangSu province, with advanced laboratory equipment and multiple sets of high-end workstations. The school has the national ¡°CAD application training base¡±that is established by ministry of science and technology, and creates ¡°enterprise information software research center" and "the enterprise information software experimental center" with Kingdee, and builds "Mobile Communication innovation base " with Zhenjiang branch of China Mobile.

¡¡¡¡The school adheres to the teaching work as the center, discipline construction as the leader, laboratory construction as the foundation, the teaching quality as the fundamental of educational ideas.In teaching reform ,the colledege has many main course that is evaluated the provincial level and university outstanding courses, makes full use of modern means of multimedia-aided teaching. The majority of the courses has been made of online courseware or multimedia teaching plans and the teaching effect is good. It focus on the students' creative ability and practical ability, the comprehensive quality of students, in the National Robot Soccer Competition, the National University Challenge Cup, the National Mathematical Modeling Competition, the Provincial Business Plan Competition and other competitions above the provincial science and technology innovation has won numerous awards, the graduates are well received in the talent market and the rate of employment is close to 100%.Nearly 5 years the school has undertaken and completed the National Natural Science Foundation, the National "863"project and a number of national and provincial high-tech subjects. There have been 16 provincial level of scientific and technological progress awards, published more than 30 academic works and textbooks, and published more than 800 academic papers.The school strengthens social connection, and has established a long-term friendly cooperative relations with domestic ShenZhen Huawei Technologies Co., LTD, the Yangtze Group, Little Swan Group, Nanjing Zijin Group, China Telecom, China Mobile, and other well-known enterprises. College also has established a friendly and cooperative relations with the United States, Japan, France, Germany, Mexico, Canada and some other universities.What¡¯s more, students and teachers in both universities have visited each other for many times.

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