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After 20 years development, large scale has been built. Our school has 6 departments, 4 institutes, and 2 experiment centers. 5 undergraduate specialties are Computer science & Technology, Software engineering, Network engineering, Telecommunications, and Information security. We provide doctorial education for computer application technology and the high level graduate education of computer science and technology. Moreover, our school provides the graduate education of Telecommunications & Information system, Pattern reorganization, and Electromagnetic field & Microwave technology. Engineering masters degrees education covers Computer technology and Electronic & telecommunication Engineering. Currently, school has undergraduate students about 1300 and graduate student about 400.
In recent years, our school has published more than 500 papers in domestic and international journals and the proceedings of some important conferences, and 10 monographs. We accomplished National 863projects, Natural science foundation of China projects, National 95 tackle key problem projects, and many projects from Chinese Academy, Ex-Department of mechanism, National defence bureau, Department of energy and Jiangsu province. Among them, more than 20 projects had been awarded for the honor of technology progress from the Country, National defence bureau, Department of mechanism, Jiangsu province and some different guilds. Computer graphics & aided design, Engineering database theory and technology, Broad band & super broad band are highlighted in domestic, some of them are international advanced.

· Highlights Research (1): Database and Information Security
· Highlights Research (2): Human-Computer Interaction and Distributed Computing
· Highlights Research (3): Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition
· Highlights Research (4): Electromagnetism Dispersion & radicalization and Underground Object Electromagnetism Detection Technology
· Highlights Research (5): Broad Ban & Super Broad Band Technology
· Highlights Research (6): Embedded Computing System
· Academic Exchange and Research Awarded
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