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Lin Qing
Name °°Qing Lin°°
Title and Position °°Professor, Master Tutor°°
Research Interests °°Research interests include Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System, Data Mining, Image Recognition, Face Recognition, Emotion Recognition, Computer Application Technology, DataBase & DataWarehouse, Decision Support.
Office Phone °°+86-511-88790321-533 (Office)


Curriculum Vitae
1980-1984 Undergraduate Student in Computer Science, Fuzhou University, Fujian, China. BS. Degree Jul. 1984
Teaching and research achievements

Data Warehouse and Decision, for master students
Principles of Compile, for undergraduate students
Operating Systems, for undergraduate students
Data Mining, for undergraduate students
Senior Programmer, for undergraduate students
Utility Tools of Software, for undergraduate students
PASCAL, BASIC, FORTRAN77, Visual FoxPro, C Language Programming, for undergraduate students
Computer Fundamental Culture for college students, for undergraduate students

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