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Zou Zhiwen
Name °°Zhiwen Zou°°
Title and Position °°Associate Professor, M.Sc
Dean of school of Computer Science and°°Telecommunication engineering
Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, 212013
P. R. China
Research Interests °°Research interests include Database Theory, distributed system , information security and virtual reality.
Office Phone °°13914560751
E-mail °°zzw_yj@126.com
Curriculum Vitae
2003-2006 Graduate Student in Computer Engineering, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China. MS. Degree June 2006
1986-1990 Undergraduate Student in Computer Science, Tongji University, Shanghai, China. BS. Degree Jul. 1990
Teaching and research achievements

And information security awards
1) The Third Prize of Science and Technology Advancement, Issued by City Government of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China, 2008.
2) The First Prize of Natural Science paper, Issued by City Government of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China, 2008.
3£© Excellent Master°Įs thesis of Jiangsu Province, 2007

Research Projects
1) Research on Emergency Monitoring and Treatment Management of Sudden Environmental Pollution Accident, Social Development Projects of Jiangsu Province£®BS2005048£©£¨2005-2007
2) Exploitation of Spatial Database Engine for GIS System, SME Innovation Fund of Jiangsu Province£®BC2008140£©, 2008-2010
3) Model of Car Rear-end Warning Based on Multi-agent and Behavior, nature science foundation of China£®51108209£©£¨2011-2013
4) Research on Water Environmental pollution Monitoring and Ecological Restoration of Rivers entering Tailake in Zhenjiang,Jiangsu environmental protection foundation (No.201035)£¨2010-2012
5) Research on Key Technologies of Spatial information systems and virtual environment integration, Graduate Innovation Foundation of Jiangsu Province£®CX07B­_125z£©£¨2007-2010
6) Research and Application of Zhenjiang Agricultural Source Pollution Monitoring System, Social Development Projects of Zhenjiang£®SH2006056£©£¨2006-2008
7) Research and Application of Air Pollution Monitoring System in Chemical Industrial Park of Zhenjiang, Social Development Projects of Zhenjiang (SH2008028£©£¨2008-2010.
8) Research and Exploitation of Spatial Database Engine and its application in GIS, Scientific and Technological Cooperation Project Of Zhenjiang, 2007-2009

Selected Journal Papers (lead author)
1) Simulation of fume emission in 3D scene£¨°∂Journal of Computational Information Systems°∑2006.2 p559-566 (in English)
2) The Research for Spatial Role-Based Access Control Model£¨Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6019,2010.3 p296-308(in English)
3) A Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment System for Agricultural Soil Pollution Based on GIS£¨°∂Advanced Materials Research°∑£¨v 356-360, p 1618-1621, 2012(in English)
4) DVEMATCH: A Matching Algorithm for Distributed Virtual Environment£¨°∂Advances in Mathematical and Computational Methods°∑£¨vol.2,num.1,2012 p74-79
5) Research on Role-based Access Control with Spatial Character,computer science,2010.1 p189-196 (in Chinese)
6) Real-Time Simulation of Polluted Airflow Emission in 3D Scene,Journal of Engineering Graphics£¨2007.2 p47-53 (in Chinese)
7) Multi-scale Index Tree of Spatial Data Based on Clustering, Computer Engineering, 2011.7£®14£©£¨p56-58(in Chinese)
8) Conflictive session of spatial role-based access control model, application research of computers,2009.10 p3903-3906 (in Chinese)
9) Emergency Decision-making Support System for Hazardous Chemical Pollution Accidents Based on WebGIS , china safety science journal,2009.5 p171-176 (in Chinese)
10) Study on Design of Emergency Preparedness and Response System of Urban Pollution Source, application research of computers,2006.11 p68-70 (in Chinese)
11) A prescription system for symptoms in chinese medicine based on knowledge ,application of electronic technique, 2008.4 p122-125 (in Chinese)
12) Research and summary of data mining algorithms , computer engineering and design,2005.9 p2304-2308 (in Chinese)
13) Mobile Pollution Source Monitoring System Based on WebGIS£¨ The Administration and Technique of Environmental Monitoring, 2005.6 p40-43 (in Chinese)
14) The design and implementation of environmental pollution source management system, microcomputer information,2005.12 p183-185 (in Chinese)
15) The Design and Optimization of an Active Pushing System Based on the Vector Space Model , New Technology of Library and Information Service,2005.7 p42-45 (in Chinese)

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