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Zhu Na
Name ¡¡Na Zhu¡¡¡¡
Title and Position ¡¡Professor
Dean of department of Telecommunication engineering
Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, 212013
P. R. China
Research Interests ¡¡Research interests include All Optical Networks, Network Optimization, Optical Access Networks, Wireless Optical Communication, and Wireless Sensor Networks.
Office Phone ¡¡+86-511-88797508-407¡¡
E-mail ¡¡zhuna@ujs.edu.cn
Curriculum Vitae
1) 1978-1982 Undergraduate Student in Laser Technology, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. BS Degree Jan. 1982
2) 1986.9-1987.5 Graduate Student in Data Communication, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing, China.
Teaching and research achievements

1) Optical Networks Technology, for master students
2) Electromagnetic Theory of Optics and Photonics, for master students
3) Nonlinear Optics Fiber Communication, for master students
4) Optical Fire Communication, for undergraduate students

Professional Activities
1) Member of International Society For Optical Engineering£¨SPIE£©
2) Member of Optical Society of America (OSA)

1) Mine Transient Electromagnetic Detection Theory and Application, Third Prize of Science and Technology Advancement, Issued by China Coal Industry Society, 2009
2) Improve the capacity of Applied Computer of Computer Curriculum Reform and Practice, The Second Prize of Outstanding Teaching Achievements, Issued by Office of Education, Government of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu, China, 2004.
3) Research on the Testing methods and computer simulation of the Transient Performance of Internal Combustion Engine Inlet, The Third Prize of Science and Technology Advancement, Issued by China Mechanical Industry Society, 1999
4) Simulation software of Transient performance of internal combustion engine inlet. The Third Prize of Excellent Software in Jiangsu Province, Issued by Government of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu, China, 1999.

research Projects
1) Research on constraint learning algorithm Based on particle swarm optimization and prior information. Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China (60702056). 2008-2010
2) Research on dynamic RWA based on ant colony algorithm in WDM network and simulation. Fund of Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Education Department of China (04KJB520027). 2004.9-2006.12
3) Research on FTTH based on Public access and triple play. Fund of Information Industry of Jiangsu. 2004.9-2006.12
4) Research on Urban Residential Fiber to the home information infrastructure and application demonstration Fund of Science and Technology Development Project of Zhenjiang. 2007.9-2009.12
5) Wireless Sensor Network £¨WSN£©in Remote Monitoring System of Xinjiang Coal-field Fires. Project of German Technical Cooperation Association cooperate with China. 2009.9-2010.6.
6) Engine test system of ventilation Transient performance of development and simulation. Fund of Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu (BJ97060), China. 1998.9-2001.1.
7) Undergraduate Education Quality Monitoring and Control system Based on 3C technology Project of Education Reform of Jiangsu(223), China, 2002.9-2004.12
8) Research on Reform of Course in Computer System and Teaching method in Non-Computer Specialty. Project of Education Reform of Jiangsu(304), China, 1998.9-2001.1.

Selected Journal Papers since 2006
1) Na Zhu, Ning Zhang, Wu Liu, est. Influence of Defect Mode Displacement in Photonic Crystal Band Gap over Light Group Velocity. Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics 2011 (8), pp. 703-706£¬SCI [000294939700008]£¬EI[IP51014469].
2) N. Zhu, Wu Liu, Ning Zhang, et al., Photonic band gap failure in photonic crystal devices, Optik - Int. J. Light Electron Opt£¬2011£¨18£©, pp. 1625-1627£¬SCI [000294939700008], EI [IP51235125].
3) Na Zhu, Ying Zhang, ect. A Game Equilibrated Rapid Dynamic Restoration Strategy in ASON, Photonic Network Communications£¬Volume 20, Issue 1 (2010.7) , Page: 83 - 93. SCI[000279840000010], EI[20102913082269]
4) Na Zhu, Yawei Duan. Partheno Genetic Algorithm for Dynamic Multi-services Restoration in WDM Networks. Photonic Network Communications, Volume 15, Number 2, April, 2008, p 183-190£¬SCI[000252925700010], EI[080711093724].
5) Zhu Na, Sun Haijin, Zhou Naifu. Ant Colony Optimization for Dynamic RWA in WDM Networks with Partial Wavelength Conversion. Photonic Network Communications. Volume 11, Number 2, March 2006, p 229-236, SCI[000235448500008], EI[02006089721042]
6) Na Zhu, Jie Wang, Chao Cheng, Xiao Yan. Research of band gap properties based on two-dimensional photonic crystal with mixed shapes of rods. Optik - Int. J. Light Electron Opt. (2012), doi:10.1016/j.ijleo.2011.12.002.( SCIÔ´ÆÚ¿¯£¬Article in Press)£¬EI¼ìË÷£º[IP51866605]
7) Zhang Ying£¬Zhu Na. A Game Balance Based Dynamic Restoration Strategy for WDM Networks. Computer Engineering. 2008(14), p135-137. (in Chinese)
8) Zhang Ying, Zhu Na, Zhu Shifen. Research Of Dynamic Routing and Wavelength Assignment Based on D* principle. Study on Optical Communications. 2007(4), P4-7. (in Chinese)
9) ZHU Guo-jun, ZHU Na. A Rapid Forward Resource Reservation Assembly Algorithm for OBS Networks Based on Mixed Threshold. Optical Communication Technology. 2007(3),p 29-31. (in Chinese)
10) CHEN Zu Ping, ZHU Na, XIAO Shang De. A Multi-domain Intelligent Optical Networking simulator. Optical Communication Technology. 2009(2)£¬p23-25. (in Chinese)
11) XIAO Shang De, ZHU Na, CHEN Zu Ping. A Kind Of Topology Aggregation Algorithm In Multi-Domain WDM Optical Network. Computer Engineering, 2009(20), p97-99. (in Chinese)
12) Chuancheng Dong£¬Na Zhu£¬Wanju Sun. A Study of BoD Service Traffic Online Prediction And Bandwidth Adjustment In ASON. Study on Optical Communications. 2010.2£¨1£©,p8-10,14
13) SUN Wan-ju, ZHU Na, DONG chuan-cheng. A Self-adaptive Assigning Offset Time Algorithm Based on Reinforcement Learning for Supporting QoS in OBS Network. Study on Optical Communications, 2010.4(2)£©,p4-6. (in Chinese)
14) DING Zhi-zhong, ZHU Na, ZHAO Dan. A Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment Algorithm Based On The Multiple Traffic Prediction. Optical Communication Technology. 2008(12), p135-137. (in Chinese)
15) ZHAO Dan1, ZHU Na1. The Analysis And Research On The Security Of EPON.Application Research of Computers. 2009(2), p719-722,725. (in Chinese)
16) XU Jun, ZHU Na, YANG Jie. The Assignment Of Protection Capacity in ASON Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Optical Communication Technology.2006£¨7£©. p.13-15. (in Chinese)
17) Zhu Shifen, Zhu Na, Zhang Ying. A Novel Receiver Model in a Hybrid WDM/OCDMA System. Study on Optical Communications. 2008(1), 23-25. (in Chinese)
18) SUN Hai-jin, ZHU Na, ZHOU Nai-fu. Distributed Routing And Wavelength Assignment Besed On Ant Colony Optimization. Study on Optical Communications. 2005(2)£¬P.30£­34. (in Chinese)
19) Zhong Qiduan, Zhu Na, Zhu Jiang. Diversity Reception Method Of Wireless Communication Based On LED Traffic Lights. Laser & Optoelectronics Progress. 2008(10),p 51-54. (in Chinese)
20) Zhu Jiang, Zhu Na, Zhong Qiduan. Performance Study of Indoor Optical Wireless CDMA Using LED Lights. Semiconductor Optoelectronics. 2009(1), p108-111. (in Chinese)
21) Ji Li, Zhu Na. Design Of A Packet Filter Rule Set Based On Binary Decision Diagram. Computer Engineering, 2006 Vol.32 No.6 P.183-185. (in Chinese)

Selected refereed conference Papers since 1998
1) Zhu Na, Zhu Jiang, Zhong Qiduan. The Transmission Performance of the MPPM Modulation in Indoor Optical Wireless. Proc. SPIE Vol. 7136, APOC 2008. EI¡¢ISTP
2) Zhu Na, Zhong Qiduan, Zhu Jiang. Receiving Method Of Maritime Light Wireless Communication Based On LED Beacons. Proc. SPIE Vol. 7135, APOC 2008. EI ¡¢ISTP
3) Na Zhu, Yawei Duan. A New Protection Capacity Allocation Algorithm Based On MST-DP For Optical Networks. Proc. SPIE Vol. 6022, p. 555-564, APOC 2005.11. EI¡¢ISTP
4) Zhu Na, Sun Haijin. A Distributed Strategy for Dynamic Routing and Wavelength Assignment In ASON Network, Proceedings of 2005 7th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (IEEE), 2005. 1, p 201-4 Vol. 1, EI¡¢ISTP
5) Zhu Na, Sun Haijin and Zhou Naifu. Dynamic Routing And Wavelength Assignment Besed On Ant Colony Algorithm, Proc. Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC-2004) 15-18 Dec 2004, New Delhi, India.
6) Zhu Na, Wang Huihua. A Framework for Cooperative & Adaptive Web-Based Classroom. Proceedings of the Tenth Joint Inter- national Computer Conference 4-6 Nov. 2004 Kunming, China (Oral Presentation). (in English)
7) Zhang Zihua, Zhong Zhiying, Zhu Na. SRS Effect in DWDM Systems, 2002 3rd International Conference on Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology, 2002, p 1075-8, (Oral Presentation). ISTP.

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