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Xie Jun
Name ¡¡Xie Jun¡¡
Title and Position ¡¡Associate Professor
Research Interests ¡¡Rough Set Theory and Application
Office Phone ¡¡86-511-88790321-409
E-mail ¡¡Xie_jun888@163.com
Curriculum Vitae
   Education Background
   1£©2007-Present, PhD, Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
   2£©2001-2003, Master, Jiangsu University, Computer Applications Professional
   3£©1994-1998, Undergraduate, Central South University, Applied Mathematics
   1£©C programming
   2£©VB programming
   1£©Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award£¬2009
   2£©Jiangsu University Teaching Achievement Award £¬2004
Teaching and research achievements

1£©Universities Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province£¨10KJB520004£©
2£©national natural science foundation£¨N0.60841003£©3£©national natural science foundation£¨N0.60572112£©

1) Xie Jun£¬Song YuQing£¬Sun HuiJiang. Knowledge Reductions Based on Descriptors in Incomplete Interval-valued Objective Information Systems, Journal of Computational Information Systems,2012,8(10):4375-4382. (EI).
2) Xie Jun£¬Song YuQing£¬Chen JianMei, Sun HuiJiang. Acquisition of optimal credible rules in ordered interval-valued decision systems. Journal of Jiangsu University(Natural Science Edition).2010.31(2): 1671- 7775 . (EI)
3) Xie Jun£¬Yang XiBei, Sun HuiJiang , Song YuQing.. Acquisition of credible rules in ordered decision systems based on descriptors. Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice.2009.29(7):105-112.(EI).
4) Xie Jun£¬Song YuQing£¬Chen JianMei. Extensions of Rough Set Model and Set Pair Analysis in Incomplete Ordered Decision System. Computer Science.2008.35£¨12£©£º154~157.
5 ) Xie Jun£¬Yang XiBei, Yang JingYu. Knowledge Reductions Based on Descriptors in Incomplete Systems. Computer Science.2008.35(10):181-184.
6) Xie Jun, Song YuQing, Yang XiBei, Sun HuaiJiang. Knowledge Reduction of Dominance-based Fuzzy Rough Set in Fuzzy Decision System. IEEE International Conferences on Cybernetics And Intelligent Systems.2008. (EI).
7) Yang Xibei, Xie Jun, Song Xiaoning, Yang Jingyu. Credible rules in incomplete decision system based on descriptors.Knowledge-Based Systems.2009.22(1):8-17.(SCI, EI).
8)Chen XianYi£¬Nie WenHui£¬Xie Jun. The agent development environment JACK practice. Science Press. 2009.

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