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Opening ceremony for Grade 2014 overseas students held in JU

        November 19, the opening ceremony for Grade 2014 overseas students was held in the New Auditorium of Jiangsu University. President at the opening ceremony were President Yuan Shouqi and heads of the International Office, the Student Affairs Office, the Graduate School, and the Overseas Education College, etc.
        President Yuan Shouqi gave a speech at the opening ceremony, in which he first congratulated the Overseas Education College on becoming the scoring champion at the University Sports Meet, and then sang a high praise for the great progress that had been made by the overseas students in recent years, particularly for the excellent achievements of the two undergraduates who had given speeches in Chinese at the headquarters of the UN after winning their awards at the UN Writing Competition entitled ¡°Many Languages, One World¡±, and for the two PhD candidates who had won the Excellent PhD Dissertation Award of Jiangsu University. ¡°The potential is boundless¡±, said President in his speech when commenting on their achievements. Then President Yuan encouraged all the oversea students to know more about China, to love Jiangsu University, to be a good student of Jiangsu University and to act as the cultural ambassador that would promote the rapport between China and their motherland after he gave an introduction to the recent development, discipline strengths, and international strategies of Jiangsu University.
        After the President delivered his speech, Professor Chen Yongchang, Caleb, Molly and Lino respectively standing for excellent teachers, students other than freshmen, winners of Chinese Government Scholarship and freshmen each gave a speech. At the awarding ceremony, winners went onto the platform to receive their awards of Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Jiangsu Government Jasmine Scholarship, President of Jiangsu University Scholarship for Overseas Students, Excellent Student Scholarship, Social Activity Scholarship, who were warmly welcomed and applauded from time to time.
        The opening ceremony was presided over by Deputy Dean Wang Limin of the Overseas Education College. 

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