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Information Security
Majors name Information  Security
Major Introduction This major aims to cultivate the senior engineering and technical personnel with more solid mathematics and physics knowledge, with better ability to use foreign language and computer application, good knowledge of the structure, high quality integrated services, strong innovative spirit and practical ability, engage in work related to information security.
Eductional systme Four years
Major Courses

Information Theory and Coding, Information Security Teaching,Information Security Technology Foundation, Cryptography Principle and Technology,Security agreement and Application, Network and System Security, Information Warfare Technology, Formal Agreement Analysis, Overview of Computer Virus,Information Hiding and Camouflage Technology, Intrusion Detection System ,Software Existence ,System Security Analysis and Evaluation, Information Security Solutions, Secure Operating System, Secure DataBase, Wireless Communication Security, Information System Security Management and Services etc..

Degree Bachelor of Engineering
Professional characteristics The specialty is an interdisciplinary subject of computer, communications and math field, starting from the engineering characteristics of our school, integrating the advantages of computer application, communications and information system disciplines, , enabling students to master the principle and method of safety strategy planning through training , having the ability in security engineering management and maintenance , having the ability in certain security database and safety information system design and development, mastering the basic principle and process of the embedded security product design and development, and having the ability in preliminary research and development .
The employment situation and trends The specialty is the emerging interdisciplinary subject that nation focuses on its development ,established until the beginning of the century. The first batch of our school enrollment is in 2004. The professional is closely related with government, national defense, finance, manufacturing, commercial and other industries, and has broad prospects for development, the rate of employment is 100%. The graduates can work in the computer,communications, electronic information, e-commerce, e-finance, e-government and other fields, engaging in information security product development, information systems security analysis and design, information security technology consulting services, information security education, information security management, research, teaching, management, development, etc. in government, financial, commercial, corporate and other departments They can also apply for further studies in computer or communications and information systems.
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