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Majors name Software  Engineering
Major Introduction The major aims to train international competitive professional personnel with good knowledge structure, high quality structure, strong ability structure and innovative spirit, and could engage in the higher, the practical and versatile of the software engineering development and research.
Eductional systme Four years
Major Courses Discrete Mathematics, Digital Logic Circuit Design, Computer Organization Principle, C + + Programming Language, Assembly Language Programming, Data Sructure, Operating System, Database System Principle, Compiler Technology, Computer Network,Object-oriented Programming Design, Software Architecture, Software Engineering, Algorithm Design and Analysis.
Degree Bachelor of Engineering
Professional characteristics Facing the development of social economic and the demand national defense modernization, the major mainly trains the students with basic generous. The students are able to coordinate the knowledge, ability and quality development, and systemly master the basic theory, knowledge and skills of the computer software field, have stronger international communication ability, and do have both ability and political integrity, collaboration, physical and mental health, pragmatic, innovative, and brave practice, so that the students can adapt to the progress of technology and the changing of social demand to be the high quality of software engineering talents.
The employment situation and trends In the past three years, the demand for graduates of this major in the country has consistently ranked in the forefront and the rate of the employment is close to 100%.Graduates can engage in the software system analysis and design, the software system development, technical support and maintenance, software project management in computer software field,can also go to scientific research institutions, education, business and administrative management, and other units to engage in the corresponding working.
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