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Master:(IV) Computer architecture

We have two professors and three associate professors. The main research focuses on reconfigurable computing and systems, embedded systems, Internet of things, the architecture of new generation network, network security and management techniques. We have finished three national 863 or National Natural Science Foundation Collaboration Project, and several provincial Science Foundation Science Foundation or Technology Project. The two projects won the provincial scientific and technological progress awards. The related theory and technology have been used in many systems and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Teacher: TieJun Xiao, KeJin Bao, Feng Li, XiaoDong Xu, Tao Cai

The main research domain:
(1)reconfigurable computing and system
FPGA-based reconfigurable computing combines the advantages of the traditional ASIC model and general-purpose processor models. As a new computing model, it is the hot direction both in high-performance computing and embedded computing research. The main topics contains the real-time video image processing technology, reconfigurable microprocessor design, debugging techniques, system-level test of the boundary-scan test technology and its application.

(2)embedded systems and internet of things
It is the hot in current research and National technology development direction. The main topic focuses on embedded software platform for Information and intelligence device, intelligent design, automotive electronics embedded design, multimedia technology of the embedded system, sensor network research and applications, embedded network Equipment Research and Design.

(3)the architecture of new generation network
The main topic focuses on the architecture and data transport mechanism of Pervasive Computing and internet of things, key technologies and architecture of Credible and Management network. secure network and network storage.

(4) network security and management techniques
The main topic focuses on network measurement and behavioral theory for large-scale network, dynamic monitoring and behavior analysis, dynamic analysis and control technology for large-scale network, management theory and technology of large-scale network theory, QoS, parameter optimization technology of network Protocol.

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