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Highlights Research (3): Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

¡¡¡¡In artificial intelligence, mainly bend our self to the research on neural network, multi agent system (MAS), genetic algorithm, moreover, endeavor to apply this intelligence technology to design and implement intelligence control system.
In pattern recognition, the research interests are as follows: ¢ÙDate mining¢ÚClustering analysis of iatrology images£»¢ÛVideo image object detection and trace£»¢ÜHuman face recognition£»¢Ý The application of wavelet theory in image signal processing.

¡¡¡¡Currently, funding by nature science foundation of China and other department and provincial foundations, further research on these intelligence and pattern recognition technology are conducted, moreover, these technology have been applied into intelligence traffic system, content based video/image index system and virtue reality environment, ect. Especially, collaborate with Zhenjiang Jiangbin Hospital,  the most recent two years CT images and MIR images were collected, moreover, according to human being¡¯s structure, categorized them as 9 different parts, e.g. head, limb, ect, with more than 200,000 images, which formed an distributed medical images database. Based on this database, content based index technology, characteristic extraction of interested area of medical images and date compress research are conducted. Furthermore, a content based abdomen medical image database is developed. At the same time, driver fatigue detection software system, electronic health recorder editor device and embedded electronic health recorder system were implemented. These systems can be applied in our daily life, by which hope can bring preferable economic and social benefits in the future.

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