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Highlights Research (1): Database and Information Security

°°°°Since 1986, based on CAD database, GIS database, Graphic database, etc., research and application developments based on spatial database have been launched. Since 1990, close collaboration ties with Mexico Science and Technology University formed. Based on this, VISTA, which is a novel spatial database with visual query functions has been built, two index algorithms B-tree and R-tree are embedded, adapt for object and relationship mixed huge object and dynamic data management. Based on this infrastructure, project °įVisual information system of petroleum prospect°Ī, from the Department of Science & Technology of Mexico, was accomplished. Even today, it is served in Mexico Petroleum Corporation. Related monography has been published by Scientific Press.

°°°°In 1998, funding by the Education Department of Mexico, further research and development launched for secure spatial database issues, authentication, access control, audit, and three rights separated modules are embedded. Recently, funding by nature science foundation of China and nature science foundation of Jiangsu Province, we stress research on spatial role based access control and human immunity based secure disk module, finally we got the B1 level secure spatial database management system SecVista. Since 2001, based on the development of high trust level secure database, covert channel are highlighted. In 2002, 2004 and 2007, this project accepted the continuous funding support from nature science foundation of China, the quantify computable space of covert channel has been established, formal model of covert channel was presented, moreover, a new criteria for covert channel auditing and information flow tree based covert channel analysis method were proposed. In 2009, funding by college doctoral subject foundation, program dynamic action reasoning technology was introduced into the identification of covert channels, static and dynamic methods are associated to accurately identify and detect covert channels.Via long term research, this area has a stable research group, 4 of researchers have the oversea study experience. The group leader is the member of the specialty committee of system software of Chinese Computer Association

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