EMC 研发部门全球服务培训生项目招聘

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EMC 研发部门的全球服务培训生项目又开始招募技术支持工程师啦!如果您的学生有对此职位感兴趣的,欢迎推荐。该职位主要要求和福利如下:


- 2016年毕业的应届本科/硕士毕业生

- 计算机科学及相关专业

- 或毕业18个月内的历届生1000003919@ujs.edu.cn

- 本职位对英语口语要求较高,请酌情投递(大学英语6级以上)


- 有诱惑力的薪水

- 入职即有9周的全方位培训(只培训,不工作),从技术到工作技能,从语言到文化;完美的让学生完成从学校到职场的过度。

- 第一年两次涨工资的机会

- 入职即享受20天带薪年假

- 享受各种保障,保险,公积金

- 入职即可和同培训班同学建立亲密战友关系,人脉自然多拓展到多个部门

- ….


EMC Global Services Associate Program – Technical Support Engineer


- 2016年毕业的应届本科/硕士毕业生

- 计算机科学及相关专业

- 或毕业18个月内的历届生

- 本职位对英语口语要求较高,请酌情投递(大学英语6级以上)

What does Customer Service Center do?

EMC support delivery model are Global Customer Service Centers. We have built and implemented centers across the globe – Shanghai, Hopkinton, MA; Cork, Ireland; Tokyo, Japan; and Sydney, Australia. It aims to address customer density, specialized expertise areas, and local language support.

In Shanghai, We established customer service center in 2008. With team growth and product abundant, we cover different EMC product lines and provide multiple-languages technical support, including English, Korean, Japan and Mandarin.

What can EMC offer you ?

Global Services Associate Program(GSAP) is one of EMC key trainee programs to cultrate excellent technical support engineers. It’s a fast track platform. During the 2 years trainee program, you will enroll 2 months boot camp at the first stage. Meanwhile, you will also have the dedicated mentor as coach from time to time.

Being a member of GSAP, you could gain:

?Develop and fast grow in a big multinational company with systematic trainings

?Interface with global world-class clients and customers

?Deal with advanced and hottest IT technologies

?Be part of the fastest growing market

Apply the position, join the GSAP, work with a trustable team & build up your future with EMC together.

What do we need from you?

· Bachelor in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field with strong logical analysis and troubleshooting skills.

· Working knowledge of major operating system software.

· Ability to support and communicate with customers over the phone or preferred communication method by customer.

· Solid organizational, interpersonal, communication, telephone and presentations skills.

· Interests and passion in remote technical support positions (either of these products): storage hardware; storage software; virtualization products and etc…

· Fluent in English and Mandarin listening, speaking and writing

· Fluent in Japanese / Korean listening, speaking and writing is preferred

Best Regards,

Liu Yan 刘 龑

Principal Program Manager

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