Yuqing SONG

Name  Yuqing Song
Title and Position  Professor, Ph.D supervisor
Research Interests  Medical Image Processing, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Computer Application in Medicine
Office Phone  +86-511-88791058
E-mail  yqsong@usj.edu.cn
Curriculum Vitae

1) 2001-2005 Ph. D. Candidate in Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Southeast University, Nanjin,Jiangsu,P. R. China. Ph. D Degree April 2005
2) 1997-1999 Graduate Student in Department of Computer Science andTechnology, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, Jiangsu, P.R.China. MS. Degree Sept.1999
3) 1978-1981 Undergraduate Student in Clininc Medcine, Zhenjiang Medical College, Zhenjiang,Jiangsu,P.R China.

Teaching and research achievements

1) Bio-Information Computing, for doctoral students
2) Digital Image Processing, for master students
3) Retrieval Technology on Computer, for master students
4) Program Design, for undergraduate students

Research achievements
1) Song, Yu-Qing, Zhu Yu-Quan; Sun Zhi-Hui; Chen Geng . Algorithm and its updating algorithm based on FP-tree for mining maximum frequent itemsets. Ruan Jian Xue Bao/Journal of Software, v 14, n 9, p 1586-1592, September 2003.
2) Song Yuqing,Zhu Yuquan,Sun Zhihui,Yang Hebiao.An Algorithm and Its Updating Algorithm Based on Frequent Pattern Tree for Mining Constrained Maximum Frequent Itemsets. JOURNAL OF COMPUTER RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT . 2005;42(5): 777-783.
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Electronic Medical Record Writer and Embeded System. Special Fund of Software and Integrated Circuit Foundation of Jiangsu Information Industry of China ([2009]100)

1) Research on Medical Image Recognitionand Clinic Application based on Data Mining, The Third Prize of Science and Technology Advancement, Issued by Jiangsu Province Government, 2009
2) Research on the Association Rules Mining Technology. The Third Prize of Science and Technology Advancement, Issued by Zhenjiang municipal government , 2008.
3) Design and Development of the Management Information System in Zhenjiang City. The Second Prize of Science and Technology Advancement, Issued by Zhenjiang municipal government , 1995.