The School of Computer Science and Communication Engineering has successfully undertaken the open class of first-class English course

At 2:00 p.m. on October 28, 2022, the open class of the first-class undergraduate course "Object Oriented Programming" for foreign students in the School of Computer Science and Communication Engineering was launched online. This open course is for international students majoring in computer science and technology who come to China to teach in English. It is mainly taught by Associate Professor Zheng Wenyi of the College. Some teachers of the school and college participate in online teaching observation.

The content of this open class is to realize the functions of operators through object-oriented programming. First of all, Mr. Zheng reviewed the basic definition and usage of class, and put forward several questions for discussion. From the first question, we discuss the use of overloaded functions. Teacher Zheng gives the functions that need to be implemented and discusses how to implement them with the students. Then, the second question was introduced: overloaded assignment operators. Starting from the definition, the working principle of assignment operators and the precautions required for overloading were explained in simple terms. The students on the scene had a heated discussion. Then came the third question, overloading the output operator. Facing the abstract definition of output, after introducing the working principle of input and output operators in detail, Mr. Zheng immediately raised a question about why operators need to be overloaded as friend functions. She gave several different choices for the students to choose the correct expression. At this time, the students were completely immersed in the class. Everyone answered questions actively, and the classroom atmosphere was very active. Finally, Mr. Zheng talked about the overloading of self increasing operators. First, he led the students to review the use rules of self increasing operators, and then introduced the overloading operation.

Teacher Zheng's classroom teaching not only focuses on reviewing and consolidating the learned content, but also is full of discussion and thinking about new content. Although it is an online course, it can still achieve real-time feedback and interaction with students. She also timely passed her ideas to everyone through the code, so that students can understand and use knowledge more easily.