CFP: the 15th China Computer Network and Information Security Academic Conference and 2022 International Network Security Seminar


The 15th China Computer Network and Information Security Academic Conference (CCNIS 2022) and the International Network Security Seminar (2022) are intended to discuss the latest research progress and development trend in computer network and information security and related fields, display the most important academic, technical and achievements in China's computer network and information security technology, and provide a platform for computer network and information security researchers at home and abroad Developers and users build an academic exchange platform, so that professionals in different fields can get the opportunity to exchange, discuss the achievements and experience of computer network and information security research and application, as well as the key challenges faced and research directions. The holding of CCNIS conference is of great significance for promoting the academic exchange and technological progress of computer network and information security, and promoting the development of information security technology and industry.

At present, the speed of scientific and technological innovation in the world has been significantly accelerated. With the advance of information globalization, the Internet has a growing impact on politics, economy, society and culture. However, network security incidents occur frequently, showing the characteristics of specialized attack tools, commercialized purpose, and organized behavior. Therefore, ensuring information security has become an important issue for all countries, and the strategic position of cyberspace is prominent. With regard to many key technologies, application scenarios and solutions in the field of cyberspace security, this conference invited well-known scholars in the field to make excellent reports, carry out academic exchanges, and discuss cutting-edge theories, innovative technologies and typical applications in the field of cyberspace security.

Meeting format

Due to the current epidemic situation, the seminar was conducted online and offline.


Sponsors: Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, National Computer Network Intrusion Prevention Center, National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center, 36 Research Institutes of CETC, Editorial Board of Journal of Communications

Organized by: School of Computer Science and Communication Engineering of Jiangsu University, Beijing Xintong Media Co., Ltd

Co organizers: Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Industrial Network Security Technology, Jiangsu Provincial Research Center for Ubiquitous Data Intelligent Perception and Analysis Application Engineering, Zhenjiang Computer Society

Time and place of the meeting

Meeting time: October 25-27, 2022

Main venue: Mingdu Hall, Mingdu Hotel, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu

Online conference system: Tencent Conference