CFP:2022 Jiangsu Postgraduate "Internet plus" and Intelligent Agriculture Academic Innovation Forum

The 2022 Academic Innovation Forum on "Internet plus" and Intelligent Agriculture for Postgraduates in Jiangsu Province, sponsored by Jiangsu Engineering Class II Postgraduate Education Steering Committee and organized by Jiangsu University, will be held in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, from November 18 to 20, 2022. With the theme of "Internet plus" and intelligent agriculture, the forum aims to explore a new model of modern agriculture based on the Internet platform by using the integration of new generation information technologies such as mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and agriculture.

The forum hopes to actively create a strong atmosphere of "information supporting agriculture" by stimulating the innovation, scientific research and academic abilities of the majority of graduate students, and provide opportunities for graduate students in computer science and technology, control science and engineering, agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering, food science and engineering, management science and engineering and related disciplines to express academic opinions and discuss academic frontier issues. Now we are soliciting academic papers from graduate students all over the country, and welcome them to participate actively. Relevant matters of this solicitation are notified as follows:

 Essay topics

1. Theory and technology of intelligent agriculture

2. Intelligent agricultural equipment and application

3. "Internet plus" agricultural application innovation model

4. "Internet plus" agricultural service model

5. Application of artificial intelligence in agriculture

6. "Internet plus" crop growth process monitoring

7. Acquisition, processing and application of agricultural big data

8. Agricultural product logistics and electronic traceability technology

9. Application of information technology in agriculture, rural areas and agricultural products

10. Application of information technology in agricultural products, agricultural products and related industries

11. Internet of Things Security

12. Intelligent security

13. Other topics related to the meeting theme.

Request for essays

1. High quality Chinese and English academic papers are welcome. Please refer to the attachment for the format of academic papers. The number of words is 4000-15,000.

2. Please attach the author's resume (gender, date of birth, education background, unit, contact information, current research topic and research direction, etc.) when submitting the manuscript.

3. The thesis should be distinctive in theme, correct in point of view, outstanding in innovation, rich in pictures and texts, fluent in language, and of high theoretical value or practical significance.

4. Original ideas and English papers are encouraged.

5. Ways of submission: (1) Chinese submission via email. Email: 。 (2) Contributed in English through the EasyChair system, see the website for details And send a copy to the email address at the same time: (The paper number assigned by the submission system must be indicated).

 Essay selection

1. According to the comprehensive situation such as the content of the solicitation, organize experts to conduct group selection, select excellent papers (3 first prizes, 6 second prizes, 10 third prizes, and several winners), and issue certificates. At the same time, RMB 2000-5000 will be awarded for the best papers selected at the meeting.

2. The award-winning Chinese papers will be recommended to the official journals of Journal of Communication (authoritative journals of information technology, EI included), Journal of Network and Information Security (Chinese journals recommended by CCF, T2 classified directory of high-quality scientific and technological journals in the field of computing), Journal of Jiangsu University (Natural Science Edition) (Peking University Chinese core journal) and other journals for publication. The English award-winning papers will be recommended to IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Symmetry, Security and Communication Networks, Journal of Sensor and Actor Networks, International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling, Artistic Intelligence Advances, Frontiers in Artistic Intelligence and other SCI (EI) retrieval journals or International authoritative journals for publication.

3. Invite one author of each employment paper to attend the conference, and provide them with travel and accommodation; 1、 The second prize papers shall be reported orally in the forum.

4. The academic achievements participated in the forum and during the forum will not be used for any commercial purpose.

5. Journal of Jiangsu University (Natural Science Edition) is the academic support unit of this forum.

 Key time

Submission deadline: September 30, 2022, postponed to October 10, 2022

Employment notice date: October 20, 2022, extended to October 25, 2022

Deadline for repair: October 30, 2022, extended to November 5, 2022

 Contact information

In 2022, the organizing committee office of the "Internet plus" and intelligent agriculture academic innovation forum for postgraduates in Jiangsu Province will be located in the School of Computer Science and Communication Engineering of Jiangsu University. The specific contact information is as follows:

Contact: Cai Saihua, Yin Shangnan, Han Xiaoru

Tel.: 18860876992   13287951550  18052829886

Submission Email: