Yang Yang


Associate Professor: Yang Yang


Tel: 15952873052


Location: Room 301, CS Building, Jiangsu University



Research Interests: Computational Photography


2013/02–Current Jiangsu University, IGGI lab, Associate Professor.

2008/09–2012/07 CityU-USTC Joint PhD programMotion Capture Lab, PhD student.

2007/09–2012/07 USTCKnowledge and data engineering lab, PhD student.

Main Pbulications

Journal Paper:

[1]. Wei Tang, Yang Yang*, Lanling Zeng, Yongzhao Zhan: Optimizing MSE for Clustering with Balanced Size Constraints. Symmetry, 2019, vol. 11(3), pp. 338-353. (SCI)

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[6]. Liqun Deng*, Howard Leung, Naijie Gu and Yang Yang: Generalized model-based human motion recognition with body partition index maps. Journal of Computer Graphics Forum (CGF). vol. 31(1), pp. 202-215. 2012. (SCI)

[7]. Liqun Deng*, Howard Leung, Naijie Gu, Yang Yang: Real-time mocap dance recognition for an interactive dancing game. Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation. vol. 22(2-3), pp. 229-237. 2011. (SCI)

Conference Paper:

[1]. Yang Yang, Yanhong Peng, Lanling Zeng*, Yan Zhao: Rendering circular depth of field effect with integral image. International Conference on Digital Image Processing (ICDIP 2019), International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2019.

[2]. Yang Yang*, Huiwen Bian, Yanhong Peng, Xiangjun Shen, Heping Song: Simulating Bokeh Effect with Kinect. Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia, Springer, pp. 734-743, 2018. (EI)

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[7].  Yang Yang*, Howard Leung, Lihua Yue, Liqun Deng: Automatically constructing a compact concept map of dance motion with motion captured data. International Conference on Web-based Learning, pp. 329-338, 2010. (EI)

[8]. Yang Yang*, Howard Leung, Lihua Yue, Liqun Deng: Evaluating human motion complexity based on uncorrelation and non-smoothness. Pacific-rim Conference on Multimedia(2), pp. 538-548, 2010. (EI)

Granted Projects

[1]NSFC, Motion Synthesis based on hybrid motion graph, Director, 2015-2017.

Municipal Commission of Economy and Information, Content-based 3D CG search engine, Director, 2016-2019.

[2]Municipal Commission of Economy and Information, HCI based on RGBD in virtual reality environment, Director, 2019-2022