Lanling ZENG

Name  Lanling Zeng  
Title and Position  Assistant Professor 
Research Interests  Computer Graphics 
Office Phone  15252908766   
Curriculum Vitae

2006-2009 Ph. D. Candidate in Department of Math of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Ph. D Degree Jun. 2009
2003-2006 Graduate Student in Computer Engineering, Shenyang Science and Technology University , Shenyang, Liaoning, China. MS. Degree May 2006
1992-1996 Undergraduate Student in Telecommunication Science, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, Gansu, China. BS. Degree Jul. 1996

Teaching and research achievements

research Projects
1) Research on the the propery and application of variable degree B-spline in CAD. Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China (60773179). 2008-2010
2) 3D fractal trees modeling based on trees morphology.. Fund of Science Foundation of Neimonggu. 2007-2009

Selected Journal Papers since 2005
1) Lanling Zeng, Guozhao Wang. Modeling golden section in plants, Progress in Natural Science, Vol.19,No.2, pp255-260, 2009. (in English)
2) Lanling Zeng, Guozhao Wang. Plum Blossom Modeling and Plum Blossom Forest Landscape Simulation, Journal of Zhejiang University(Engineering Science)Vol.43,No.12, pp2191-2195, 2009. (in Chinese)
3) Lanling Zeng, Guozhao Wang. An Interactive System on Plant Modeling, Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Grathics, Vol.21,No.12, pp1814-1820, 2009. (in Chinese)
4) Yan Wang, Lanling Zeng. 3D Bamboo Reconstruction Mathod Based on Fractal.Journal of Image and Graphics, Vol.12,No.1, pp177-182,2007. (in Chinese)
5) Liang Wang, Lanling Zeng. 3D Flower Reconstruction Mathod Based on Fractal.Journal of Liaoning Technical University (Natural Science Edition), Vol.23,No.3,94-97,2007. (in Chinese)
6) Lanling Zeng, Yan Wang. 3D Arborvitae Reconstruction Mathod, Transactions of Shenyang Ligong University, Vol.24,No.1, 2006. (in Chinese)
7) Lanling Zeng, Yan Wang. 3D Pear Reconstruction Mathod, Transactions of Shenyang Ligong University Vol.24,No.2, 2006. (in Chinese)