Wenhui NIE

Name  Wenhui Nie
Title and Position  Associate Professo 
Research Interests  Database theory and application,Data Mining,SCADA 
Office Phone  13646102029 
E-mail  whnie@ujs.edu.cn 
Curriculum Vitae

1987-1991:School of Computer,Yanshan University. Qinhuangdao,Hebei,China.
2006-2009:Graduate Student in School of Computer , Jiangsu University , Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China, MS. Degree Dec. 2003
2011-Now:Graduate Student in School of Computer , Jiangsu University , Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China, on-job studying for a doctorate
ACM(Association for Computing Machinery) member

Teaching and research achievements

1) FORTRAN Language ,for undergraduate students
2) Fundamentals of Computer and Programming in C Language, for undergraduate students

Outstanding Software Reward of Jiangsu Province in 2000.

research Projects
[1] Jiangsu Scientific Innovation Project(BC2008140):Space Database based on Vista(Participant)
[2] Zhenjiang Scientific Research Fund 2008(CY2008030):Positioning the Materials in Construction Project based on Wireless Sensor Networks,(2008-2011) (Leader)
[3] Enterprise Innovation Project(11181K):SCADA in Fermenting Process, (Leader)
[4] Enterprise Innovation Project:Kemao Hospital MIS,(Participant)

Selected Journal and CONFERENCES Papers since 2006
[1] Nie Wen-hui, JU Shi-guang. A 3D-based Localization Model and algorithm in Ad Hoc Networks,First International Workshop on Education and Computer Science.2009,I:479:483(EI index)
[2] Nie Wen-hui,Positioning the materials in construction project,2009 International Symposium on Computer Network and Multimedia Technology,2009,II:1209:1213(EI index)
[3] Positioning a Node of Wireless Sensor Networks in 3D Dimensional Space..[J]International Journal of Communication ,Network and System Sciences,2009,2(6):540:545
[4] Nie Wen-hui,Ju Shi-guang,Xue An-rong,A 3D-based Positioning Model in Ad Hoc Networks[J],Computer Science,2009,36(12):55-58
[5] Nie Wen-hui,Ju Shi-guang,Lv Xia,Resources Hierarchical Management Strategy in Open SCADA System[J],Computer Engineering ,2009,35(5):221-223
[6] Li Feng ,Nie Wen-hui,Advanced Delphi 5 Programing[M],2000
[7] Cheng Xianyi,Nie Wen-hui,JACK application based on agent[M],20009